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What Alderney may lack in size, it makes up for in abundance with fantastic experiences. With its mild climate and stunning natural environment, the island is the perfect destination for a relaxing and activity-filled getaway.

The Beaches

Blessed with never ending stretches of white-gold beaches, Alderney will leave you wanting for nothing when it comes to seaside scenery. Braye, Longis, Corblets, Saye and Arch – all stunning beaches with dramatic coast lines offering an idyllic backdrop for a swim, barefoot stroll or pleasant picnic.

Sea Kayaking

To see the island from a different perspective, embark on one of the sea kayak tours taking you around the shores of the island and to Gannet Rocks where you will see thousands of gannets nesting.


Wildlife Watching

With 2000 acres of woodland, wetland, grassland and heathland, the island is bursting with rich wildlife that extends well beyond the elusive blonde hedgehog. From dolphins to puffins, Alderney is home to a wide array of wildlife for you to look out for during your stay. For any keen bird watchers, ask our team about Alderney’s famed bird watching tours.



Trails & Hikes

Alderney boasts over 80 km of walking paths and trails taking you all around the island, from the main town to the dramatic shorelines. Explore these paths alone or ask our team about the guided walking tours.

Alderney Week

Every year in August for one week, the magic of Alderney truly comes alive and if you’re lucky enough to be here during this special time, you are in for a real treat. From markets and carnivals to circus performances and parties in the derelict bunkers, Alderney Week captures all that is special about the island and packs it into seven days of pure fun.

Forts & Bunkers

Alderney is home to over a dozen forts steeped in fascinating and enthralling history. Hidden passages, tunnels and bunkers sprawl across the island just waiting to be explored. Be careful though, these tunnels and forts remain relatively untouched and can be dangerous if not cautious.

Mannez Lighthouse

Home to the only railway in the Channel Islands, Alderney has its very own ‘Orient Express’ opened by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1847. In the summer, hop on the train from Braye up to the Mannez Lighthouse where you can wander insider before enjoying a picnic on the cliff-top.

Boat Tours

Embark on an island-hopping day trip and explore Herm and Sark, two Channel islands with their own very distinct identities. Enquire with our team about exploring the surrounding waters and islands of Alderney by boat.

Gone Fishing

Alderney offers abundant waters where even novice anglers can expect to catch a fish or two. The conditions are perfect for a plentiful stock of fish all year around. From carp, bass and skate to more exotic species such as red gurnards, you’ll find a huge range of specimens to catch here.



Padel Tennis

Padel tennis is the world’s fastest growing sport.  Padel tennis is a mix between tennis and squash: you have to play the ball over the net and you are allowed to use the walls that surround the court.  It’s simple and fun.

Alderney’s Padel tennis courts are open and can be booked online via the Playtomic website or even better, from an app on your phone!  Simply download the Playtomic app from your App Store, register, search for the Alderney tennis club and then book. 

Prices are per hour and for the whole court: Non Members  pay Padel or Tennis £20 per hour and optional £5 racket hire. Prices include the use of balls for Padel Tennis which can be found in the clubhouse.

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